About the Bozeman Symphony

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The Bozeman Symphony Society presents a repertoire of symphonic and choral music performed for the benefit of individuals, students, and musicians residing in south-central Montana. Established in 1968, the Society supports the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Choir. Under the direction of Music Director and Conductor Matthew Savery, the Bozeman Symphony has experienced tremendous growth over the last twenty years. In addition to a wide variety of orchestral programming, the Bozeman Symphony supports Far Afield, a highly accessible community outreach program, donates thousands of dollars’ worth of tickets to local nonprofits, awards scholarships to promising young musicians, and provides employment and engagement opportunities for over 300 people. The Bozeman Symphony and Symphonic Choir have established themselves as significant cultural icons in Montana, whose history is marked by artistic excellence. Its future is dependent upon maintaining a skilled and motivated orchestra whose members bring symphonic music to life.


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Our Mission

The Bozeman Symphony and Symphonic Choir is dedicated to preserving musical excellence as a living part of our community, now and for future generations, through live performance, education and community partnerships, while maintaining a vigilant devotion to artistic and fiscal integrity.


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